Carnatic Guitar Basics | Sree Gananatha Geetham | Indian Guitar School

Carnatic Guitar Basics | Sree Gananatha Geetham

Duration: 1h 49m
Start with basic familiarity of the guitar. Learn the 1st carnatic geetham while learning scales, carnatic guitar basics, how to connect notes to swaras and ragas.

Welcome! Start here

C major to C mayamalavagowla scale

C Mayamalavagowla Fretboard

The carnatic notation introduction

Sree Gananatha

Swaras, notes without slides

Slide alchemy - Scale Notes to Raga Malahari

Sahithya or Lyrics - Slides for vowels

Swara version with more slides Part 01

Playalong tracks - pallavi

The Carnatic Notation Details

Sa Ri1 Ri2 R3 etc - Carnatic notation & Notes

Sree Gananatha Final Submission


Playing Carnatic fluently and efficiently on a Standard tuned Guitar (electric or acoustic).

What is it?Want to play Carnatic on the guitar acknowledging the nature of the instrument guitar and making sure not to lose the carnatic information? Expressing Carnatic on the guitar not as some note strikes, but fluent and efficient with all the gamakas like it is sung?

See curriculum on this page and more details below.

Since we do this in a step by step manner starting from a simple major scale, ending with raga rules and a full fledged raga style geetham playing, you will not only learn this song well, but you will understand how to connect swaras and sahithya to the guitar fretboard and play it well.

So that, when you take the next carnatic geetham or song, you will already have an idea how to go through the swara sheet and place them on the fretboard, what to expect with arohana and avarohana, what changes will be needed for the lyrics version etc.

This course starts with note playing of the C major scale, so even if you are a very beginner, while doing this course you will increase your guitar skill level to a level where you can play slides etc with the needed basic understanding of carnatic.

FULL REFUND Just let me know within 14 days of purchase, if you wish to have a refund.

Carnatic on guitar can be confusing. How to connect the ragas to the fretboard, how to get that fluent sound... 

If you are already familiar with my work and if you like Carnatic on Guitar, this is the best starting point. You have lifetime access to the course, so, use it at your own pace.

Instrument: Standard tuned guitar (Our usual eBGDAE tuning). Acoustic or electric, steel or nylon. No tuning complications, take the guitar, start practising. 

Skill needed: basic familiarity. If you can strike some notes, you can do this course. 

Step by step, no overwhelm

What if  you can't play it? 

We have divided the course into stages. Not directly the complete song with slides, but, first note level, a bit of slides, lyrics level, final slides. 

At each stage you have the option to send me practice video showing your problems and mistakes. I will tell you what exactly to do. 

The steps

We start with the C major scale.
Change two notes, get the C Mayamalavagowla (all details included in the course)

Start playing the Sreegananatha or Lambodara geetham as simple notes. (TABs, detailed video, correction provided)
Then learn the raga slides and add to the notes (what are the arohana and avarohana slides, how to do it on the guitar, playing the slides).
Learn the lyrics version - where to strike, where to slide. 
Finally the full version with all the slides, ready to perform.

How do we make sure of learning?

Playalong practice videos are included so that once the notes and slides are clear you can detect the delays you have to work on. 

Corrections are included. There are regular self assessments at each stage. From within the course you will be able to upload practice videos to show me your progress. Include mistakes and doubts. I will give you corrections and exact practice point. 

You don't have to wait for me to tell you what to try - the videos are detailed, including fingering etc. Once you play, we can work on the corrections, how to make it better. 

Step by step. You don't just learn the song, you will learn:

  • carnatic notation basics

  • how swaras are mapped on the fretboard

  • how notes become swaras and scales become ragas

  • the basic techniques needed to play fluently with sustain and connectedness 

You have lifetime access to the course material. 

You can see the curriculum on the left side of this page.

After this course, we can continue to learn Varaveena etc as separate courses. 

If you have already benefitted from my work, there is nothing to lose :) 

And, I will give you a full refund if you try and let me know within 14 days from the time of purchase.