Who is Shyam Monk?

Started my life as an engineer at IIT Madras, I have been into music, the internet, and teaching-related fields most of my life. Having dedicated 30 years (since age 11) to music and Indian guitar, I turned into a professional artist and instructor and have been creating frameworks, methods, techniques to enable fast and sure progress for the past 10 years. Currently building a bridge between Indian music and the western Standard tuned Indian guitar.

10 years
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Shyam Monk

What my students say

Shyam customizes his teaching based on your interests and is patient with answering any questions you have during the class. Within the spin of year I was able to learn roughly a dozen Indian film songs starting from ground zero and learnt techniques to play any scale anywhere on the fret board.
Hari Krish
Hari Krish,

California USA

The purpose of teaching is to train a student’s intuition and thought process in the right direction. Shyam does a great job in this regard. His classes helped me understand music theory better and my playing improved within a short period of time.
Maddela Avinash
Maddela Avinash,

San Jose, CA

Your method of teaching simplifies the learning process. Instead of getting bogged down in “theory” of music, your approach of taking a song, learning it and thereby identifying key signatures of ragas through the song is outstanding.
Balaji Venkatesan
Balaji Venkatesan,

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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